Digital Consultancy For The Real World

Digital projects don't have to be hard. Whatever your destination, your project should not be derailed by expensive, bad advice.

We are a global consultancy that enables clients to build innovative and engaging products. We have experience in delivering solutions of all sizes from digital campaigns to mobile apps, web sites and enterprise technology solutions. Our clients are redefining user experiences and how technology solves real-world problems. We provide technical and product development services through virtual CTO services and advisory consultancy for boards and investors.

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What We Do

Board Advising

We are able to advise boards on a wide range of issues around technology, R and D, strategy and product development. We offer impartial insight and advice on a basis that suits you.

Virtual CTO

An executive-level CTO can solve complex technical problems, implement strategy and build teams. Our pragmatic and proven approach will push your business forward.

Investor Support

Due diligence is key to your investments. We evaluate and analyse security, performance, architecture and extensibility. Our findings are presented in a clear report in plain English.

Product Development

We bring ideas to market. We prototype and iterate rapidly based on focused user testing and feedback. We obsess about usability and building cutting edge, accessible user journeys.

Technical Development

Minimizing cost while maximizing impact sums up our approach to developing software. We work across a wide range of languages and stacks and focus on clean code that gets results.

Building Technical Teams

Building great teams can be challenging. Finding and onboarding skilled candidates and building a creative and productive culture is a task we can undertake to deliver successful results.

How We Work

Free Consultation logo

Free Consultation

Understanding your digital and technical needs takes more than a brief call. We're happy to spend time getting to know you before we start to charge you.
Partner Network logo

Partner Network

We are honest if we can not fullfil any of your requirements. We have a network of experts that we can utilise to ensure you get the very best results.
Full IP Ownership logo

Full IP Ownership

All agreed work belongs to you, the client. We can guarantee full IP ownership on all code, content and assets. Any licencees used will be transferred.

What They Say

"It was a really supportive session with amazing insights on when and how to focus on technology and how to validate a business model and approach. The insights were incredibly helpful for supporting me to move forward with my thinking."

Zinc MIssion Founder