Investor Support

Investing in a business means that you are investing in technology regardless of the sector. We provide services to investors to quantify and mitigate risks and potential liabilities. Our due diligence reviews everything from incoming network connections and their associated contracts to deployed applications and in-house developed code. We spend time understanding your team and reviewing their processes end to end. By gaining a deep understanding of the business we will provide a detailed, expert, opinion on technical operational and planned capital expenditure.

The due diligence report we produce will include:

  • Full Technical Strategy Review. A full analysis of the current state of technology within the organisation. Does it support the current and future business goals? It will outline any risks, liabilities or concerns and make suggestions to remedy them, including potential costs.
  • A Product Review. If the target company is technology-focused we will review their products and services to ensure they are fit for purpose. A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis will be provided. This will give you a clear understanding of the current position of the technology within the competitive landscape.
  • A Process Review. A full review of the processes, practices and tools used within the business will be completed. Its aim will be to ensure they are fit for purpose? It will detail if there are opportunities for efficiency gains or for reducing costs? It will also look at how well the processes can scale in line with the predicted company growth.
  • A Full Security and Vulnerability Test. This will summarise the results of a full security test designed on a per-company basis. We can adapt these as needed but will include at least a Penetration Test on in-house developed code. Social Engineering and physical security testing can also be included in the review if deemed necessary.
  • A Technical Team Review. This will cover the technical capabilities of the team. Is the team suitably skilled or are there holes in their knowledge? Are the key people capable of growing the team and technology past your investment? A key-person review will also be completed highlighting the business risk associated with core team members.
  • Supplier and Partner Audit. This will audit supplier agreements and contracts for technology services. It will investigate if you are receiving value for money and look at the risk associated with each contract and any associated liabilities.

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