Product Development

Do you have an idea for a digital or technical product but don’t know if it would work? Are you unsure if it could be commercially viable? At Platform Eight we have helped founders and entrepreneurs launch all manner of products and digital projects. From idea validation to development and testing with real user’s, we can help you design and launch your next idea.

We have partnered and work with the very best at each stage of the product development life cycle. Our services include:

  • User-Centric Research and Design. The first thing you need to identify is that there are actual customers and a market for your idea. By focusing on how target users think, what they fear and what they feel is valuable we can refine the initial idea into a commercially viable product. We have significant experience in talking to potential users and we use proven processes to get the information you need to design and plan your product.
  • User Experience Design. Once you know the “what” for a product you need to design the “how”. User experiences across digital products can vary. By combining the very latest in UI/UX design, user cognitive and behavioral research and the user-centric research already undertaken, we are able to design industry-leading user experiences.
  • Technical Design. We can take your idea to MVP in a very short amount of time and continue to develop it as you grow. See our Technical Development service page for full details.
  • Brand Development. We work with the very best creative content generators in the industry and are able to help create a strong, targeted brand for your product. From colours to content and from the web to print mediums, we can develop brand guides through to full campaigns.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you deliver products your users will love.