Virtual CTO

Our Virtual CTO service is not just about providing consulting style services. Instead, we aim to fully understand your business, your team and your needs. By doing this we can develop technology strategies and solutions that align with your business goals and promote business growth. Many SME and startup companies do not need or have the budget for a full-time CTO. We can fill that void and provide the leadership and guidance you need on a suitable basis. For startups, we can help support your funding rounds and are happy to meet with your investors.

  • Technology Strategy Development. A discovery phase will allow us to gain a deep understanding of your business. This will give us the long term picture we need to develop a high-level technology strategy with you. The strategy will cover business, product, teams and related topics that will help govern your technology development to support growth & revenue.
  • IT Governance. Identifying risks and weakness is the first step to ensuring you are compliant with regulatory rules and frameworks. We will adapt our approach to your company and produce a report which will explain the area’s of concern and propose solutions with associated costs. We are able to provide training for your employees and help you achieve accreditation’s such as Cyber Essentials.
  • Executive Level Reporting. We can provide detailed reporting capabilities for boards and investors. You can customise the level and details required by the reports. We are also happy to present the reports and defend their content if required on your invitation.
  • IT Management. We can take full or partial responsibility for the running of your day to day IT. From supplier management to running RFP processes to inhouse employee and project management. Together with select partners, we can provide you with proven working solutions in short timescales.
  • Technical Development Leadership. If you are building inhouse technical products then we can lead the design and implementation. We can help to select the technology appropriate for your projects and architect clean, flexible, scalable solutions. We have worked with established technology stacks such as Microsoft’s Dotnet, Python, JavaScript, C++ and Rust.
  • Product Development Leadership. If you need support in taking a new product to market we can bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams and the technical team.

Get in touch to discuss how we our CTO Service can improve your technology.