Building Technical Teams

If you are looking to build a world-class technology team we can help. From hiring and building new teams to managing fully remote teams, we have done it. Team building is time-consuming, hiring a single developer can take weeks depending on the approach taken. Hiring a whole team with roles across the technical and creative spectrum can dominate your time for months on end. We have learnt from the pitfalls and traps that can come with volume hiring and we have solutions to the problems caused by managing employees across multiple timezones. We design onboarding experiences that result in new hires committing code on their first day. We can remove the burden of team building for you and let your teams focus on productive work.

Our services include:

  • Team and Skills Audit. If you have an existing team or are building a new team, we can review your technical needs and design a resource plan. This will include the roles that you need, the realistic budget you should plan to spend and in the case of existing teams, where your weaknesses are. It will take into account the company benefits and culture and outline extra budgetary requirements for training and networking events.
  • Approved Recruiter Relationships. Technical Recruiters can vary in the quality of their candidates, approach and services. We work with a select few recruitment firms that have proven many times that they can deliver quality candidates at realistic and fair rates. Each of the firms has filled different roles across a range of projects. We do not have affiliations with any of them and add nothing to their costs, this gives us real power to revise the approved firms we work with based on real results.
  • Onboarding Process Design and Implementation. When one or more people join your team you want to get them productive as soon as possible. We have experience of helping teams get new recruits committing code within a day of joining the team. We will review existing processes and team cultures and design an appealing and effective process for all new joiners across the technical roles in your company.
  • Process Review. Is your development team effective or are processes getting in their way? Does the team need to design new processes in line with technical and product developments? We have implemented process reviews many times to great effect, from full development workflows based on agile methodologies to testing and deployment. We will increase the efficiency of the team by letting them focus on their roles and not needless distractions.
  • Remote Team Guidance. Managing a remote team is different than managing a team in a single location. Problems can be compounded by different timezones, different languages and different cultures but none of the issues are unresolvable. By using available tools to promote communication and adjusting workflows and expectations, we can make remote work for you.
  • Team Coaching. Onboarding a team and making it efficient and productive quickly is important, it also requires constant coaching, review and refinement. Small issues and the constant changing of technology, development tools and personnel can lead to problems and a break down in team culture. We can provide periodic reviews and ongoing guidance to ensure you continue to get the best from your technical team.

Get in touch to find out how we can help your build a world class team.