Technical Development

At Platform Eight we obsess about code, database design, architecture and infrastructure. Our focus is building clean codebases that are easy to maintain, that are capable of scaling and which will pass any due diligence review with ease. We are also happy to refactor and transform existing codebase’s and work with teams to improve their code and skills. While we hold very high standards, we are also pragmatic. Our advice and solutions are the result of delivering code for many different projects, in many different languages, over many years. In the ever-changing world of languages, frameworks, technology stacks and ideologies we have learnt what works best at various stages of product development.

Our technical development services include:

  • MVP/Prototyping Builds. We can build an MVP or Prototype very quickly for you to get into your user’s hands. We are not obsessed about handcrafting code at this point, if there are off the shelf systems or tools we can connect to save time and money we will.
  • Technical Design and Architecture. We will take the results and user feedback from your MVP and work with your team to fully understand the purpose and goals of the goto market version of your product. From there we will design a flexible architecture that will support and scale as your application grows more complex. We will provide a comprehensive proposal covering the design of the architecture, the choice of technology and the reasons for these decisions.
  • Technical Development. Once the design has been agreed we will build the code as per the architecture and deploy it to any agreed environment. We will use clean code, automated quality assurance tools and a comprehensive testing strategy that will adapt to your needs. We will involve you daily in the development phase to ensure all key stakeholders know the status of the build and any associated issues at all times. We expect constant feedback to keep the process on track.
  • Project Review and Refactoring. If you have a codebase that has been developed on your behalf, we can provide a comprehensive review. Is it fit for purpose? Have you received the specified functionality? We can also take on existing projects that need taming and either lead the refactoring of the their codebase or work with your teams to achieve an optimal improvement.
  • Developer Coaching. We can work with your development team to increase their technical capabilities. We aim to fill-in the skills gaps around best practice and emerging tools and processes. We can provide an overview of pragmatic testing and the application of code based quality assurance tools. If required, we can work with the team to develop in-house standards and code review processes.

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